About Us

COVID-19 has transformed our relationship with the office. Gone are the days of commuter-filled city centres, the future of work is local. Businesses are starting to realise that sending employees to the office just isn’t sustainable for both employees and the planet. Remote working is here to stay.

Getting the ‘right’ setup to work comfortably from home can be difficult. Phlex is here to help.

Phlex was started by Caroline Sumners and Jill Farmer, two business-owners on the South Coast of the UK. They’re passionate about home and co-working but have been frustrated by the lack of places to buy remote working essentials. 

Buying equipment online is often pot-luck. With long delivery times and less-than-satisfactory products. This store brings you the best of remote working products. We’re currently only selling a select range of ergonomic standing desks, but we’ll be stocking more exciting products in the weeks and months ahead.

Founders of Phlex - Jill Farmer and Caroline Sumners

Happy worky ever after

Products to help you work from home or local workspace

Phlex is here to help you work better locally – whether that’s in a local co-working space or your ‘office area’ at home.  

All our products have been carefully selected by Caroline and Jill to ensure they’re exactly what you need to work away from the traditional office environment. 

What one person needs to work comfortably isn’t the same as the next, so we’ve included all the information you need to decide what’s right for you and your current working conditions. 

Products that care about the planet and ergonomics

We only sell items that we love and find genuinely useful. All the items in the shop are selected for their ethical credentials, quality, practicality, good looks, and of course sound ergonomics.  We’ve tried and tested everything we sell and are proud of them all.

We will be adding more items in the weeks ahead, so do pop back. 

Made in Britain by small independent businesses

All Phlex products are created in collaboration with local, independent businesses and craftspeople. 

For example, our Phlexstand has been developed with Makers Guild and local artists Fark and Pompey Banana Club.

And future developments include  products created in combination with The Makers Guild.  

The creative industry has had a tough time of late and to be able to work with local designers, architects, craftsmen and artists has been a real privilege and something we’re very proud of.

Work local