Upcycled Office Chairs





The RH400 is a superb quality chair. One of the gold standard of office chairs. In limited supply, as they’re not easy to find – anyone that knows their chairs is likely to hang onto these rather than getting rid of them, so make the most of this while it’s here and available.  


● Adjustable seat height
● Adjustable back height
● Adjustable back tilt
● Back free-float
● Adjustable seat depth
● Pump-up lumbar support

Customise your chair


So good that some people won’t sit on, or recommend anything else! Not a cheap chair though so it’s not the kind of chair you’ll regularly find supplied to everyone in your office environments, and it tends to be reserved for the lucky few.

But if you’re going to get the best for yourself, then this is one of the ones to go for.

Of course, we’ve made it look beautiful! Seen here in the gorgeous Orla Kiely fabric – definitely not something you’ll see in your standard office, but perfect for your kitchen or home office if you want to be properly comfortable.

It’s got all of the adjustments you could want in a comfortable office chair, and more besides.

The chair height, and lumbar height and tilt adjustments should come as standard on any decent office chair – and this chair has those of course. But it also has pump-up lumbar support so you can get just the right amount of support in your low back to suit whoever’s sitting on it; a seat slide so that you can adjust it to fit your leg length; and of course a free-float mechanism on the back tilt so that you can get plenty of movement whilst you sit and work.

Suitable for all but the most petite of users, and we think you’ll love it.

Fabric Range

Emma Shipley, Luxurious Velvet, Orla Kiely Velvet, Underground

Fabric Pattern

Caspian, Zambezi, Creatura, Frontier, Lost World, Protea, Lynx, Silverback, Luxurious Velvet Colours, Underground Bakerloo, Underground District, Underground Marylebone, Underground Piccadilly, Underground Southbank, Velvet Sixties Stem, Velvet Spot Flower

Fabric Colour

Bakerloo Blackberry, Bakerloo Eclipse, Bakerloo Eden, Bakerloo Gold, Bakerloo Jet Black, Bakerloo Kingfisher, Bakerloo Magnet, Bakerloo Porcelain, Bakerloo Ruby, District Blackberry, District Gold, District Havana, District Neon Orange, Luxurious Velvet Fuchsia, Luxurious Velvet Grape, Luxurious Velvet Honey, Luxurious Velvet Hunter, Luxurious Velvet Jade, Luxurious Velvet Leaf, Luxurious Velvet Mink, Luxurious Velvet Olive, Luxurious Velvet Peony, Luxurious Velvet Quartz, Luxurious Velvet Sunset, Luxurious Velvet Teal, Marylebone Eden, Marylebone Havana, Marylebone Lime, Marylebone Neon Orange, Piccadilly Gold, Piccadilly Havana, Piccadilly Lime, Piccadilly Neon Orange, Piccadilly Ruby, Southbank Blackberry, Southbank Kingfisher, Southbank Neon Orange, Southbank Ruby, Velvet Sixties Stem Bubblegum, Velvet Sixties Stem Charcoal, Velvet Sixties Stem Dark Marine, Velvet Sixties Stem Mid Powder Blue, Velvet Sixties Stem Misty Grey, Velvet Sixties Stem Yellow, Velvet Spot Flower Dark Warm Grey, Velvet Spot Flower Jade, Velvet Spot Flower Purple, Velvet Spot Flower Tea Rose, Navy velvet, Teal velvet, Coral velvet, Pink velvet, Lime velvet, Charcoal velvet, Blue velvet, Wine velvet

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