NEXSTAND™ K2+ Laptop Stand, Keyboard + Mouse Bundle

A height-adjustable and portable laptop stand with a keyboard and mouse combo, complete with carrying case, to help you get comfy at home or on the move. The ultimate co-working bundle for all-day productivity.


I’ve searched far and wide over the years for laptop stands that raise high enough to be able to replicate a decent desktop setup and avoid that all too familiar forward tilt of the neck to see your screen. And they’re really not that common. But here we have one for you.

Please don’t try to type on your laptop keyboard when it’s raised in the stand – that’s not what it’s designed for and it will make your seating position worse rather than better! So whether you’re wanting to use your laptop as your main or secondary screen – plug in the keyboard, plug in the mouse and raise your laptop on the Nexstand and you’re good to go.

We’ve done a lot of searching for quality keyboard and mouse combos and we’ve tried lots of them out too. This was the standout best of them all. We wanted a combo as many of us just don’t have enough USB ports for lots of separate bits of kit. It’s got a real quality feel to both the keyboard and mouse, the USB dongle is neatly stored in the back of the mouse so you can’t lose it. It’s rechargeable so no endless purchasing of planet wrecking batteries, and each charge lasts for around 3 months. Tried and tested on Windows and Mac machines, it’s superlight and compact but still very comfy to use. Very happy with it.

One word of caution – it has an auto-sleep function which is great as I always forget to turn mine off, but it’s very easy to think it’s not working when you come back to it. Just turn them both off and on again and they’ll spring back into life.

Also if you’ve looked at my blogs over the years you’ll see that I did a comparison a few years ago between this and the original Roost stand. This Nexstand came out pretty well in comparison – a little bit bigger and heavier, but not significantly so, and having used and recommended them for many years, I’d say the Nexstand is a little more robust. I understand that they’ve also made commercial/copyright agreements with Roost so I’m very happy to now recommend this cost effective product.

The only thing I would say is that because of the design of the Microsoft Surface, the screen does lean back quite a bit when using and you can’t adjust quite as high as you can with other laptop models. It’s actually a good position for your eyes so I’m still happy to recommend it, but it might take a little getting used to for some. No issues at all with any other laptops or Macbooks I’ve used.

A compact, lightweight, portable and height-adjustable laptop stand,  Keyboard, and Mouse complete with carrying case.  All you need to get you comfy at home or on the move.

With 8 different height options, this lightweight but sturdy and durable stand allows you to raise your laptop to the right standing position for you.  If you then plug in this quality keyboard and mouse combo there’ll be no more hunching over your laptop – raise it up to eye level, sit back and get comfy!


  • Raise from 15-30cm from desk level
  • Just 234g so easy to carry around
  • Compact and portable – folds and fits into your bag with ease
  • Strong glass fibre reinforced nylon supports up to 9K
  • Fits all laptops 10”+ with a front edge of -2.2cm
  • Quick and easy to use


  • Ultraslim portable design
  • UK layout
  • Plug & play wireless setup
  • Single USB slot required
  • Rechargeable keyboard and mouse – no batteries required
  • 3 month from a single charge
  • Auto sleep function
  • Choice of black or white

White Keyboard + Mouse, Black Keyboard + Mouse

Shipping Info

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