MOJOSTAND Standing Desk

An affordable and adjustable standing desk solution that can be easily packed away at the end of the day.  A great solution to keep you comfy every day.


I think this is such a simple and affordable solution for standing during the day and generally changing position. There’s other similar products on the market, but they’re not height adjustable – they’re either the right height for you or they’re not. The height adjustment on this is simple but effective.

Standing to work is so ridiculously trendy these days. And truly it isn’t the panacea for all Musculo-skeletal problems that many would have you believe – it can help some people to stand for some of the days, but not everyone will benefit from it, and really it’s just another way to get you moving.

Movement is the key to comfort. And with many of us now working from home, with far fewer interruptions than usual (home-schoolers excepted!), movement is one of the things that has been very much sacrificed. So anything that get you moving is a good thing – standing for some of the days could be the solution for that.

But it all needs to be at the right height to work well, otherwise, you’ll just create other problems. So this stand is height adjustable using simple ‘fins’ that you slot into the bottom – supremely easy to put up and take down in seconds and store away till you need it next time.
We reckon it’ll last a good few months of daily use so could be just enough to get you comfy and keep you that way whilst the current madness subsides.

A height-adjustable and portable standing desk adaptor that can be quickly and easily put up and folded flat and packed away at the end of the working day.

With 20cm of height adjustment, this lightweight but sturdy and durable stand allows you to raise both your keyboard, mouse and screen to get the right standing position for you.

A great solution for anyone who wants the variety to be able to change position throughout the working day, but at the same time doesn’t really have space or budget for a full electric height adjustable desk.

  • FSC sustainably certified
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to build and pack away in just seconds 
  • Flat packs for easy storage 
  • Easily portable for use in different rooms
  • Maximum load of 12kg
  • Height adjustable keyboard and monitor heights


59W x 55D (height variable)

Weight – 1.7Kg

Shipping Info

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