Cardboard Desk

A lightweight and sturdy pop-up desk made from honeycomb-paper board.  The perfect temporary solution in a size to suit your needs.



So my husband is currently working off one of these and it’s been great. Like most people, we’re struggling for space in our home for both of us to work comfortably. So while I’ve monopolised the dining table, he’s been working off a coffee table and sitting on a beer crate! I kid you not!

He’s now set up perfectly at one of these desks. He’s using the compact one and it’s just about big enough for a full desktop setup.
If you have space for one of the slightly larger ones then that’s what I’d suggest you go for as it will give you more room to spread out and stretch your legs. But if not then the compact should do you just fine.

The height of all of them is the same as a standard office desk, whereas dining tables are often significantly higher. So you’ll be hunching your shoulders less, and it should feel more comfortable.

A lightweight and sturdy pop-up desk made from honeycomb-paper board.  A great solution for temporary home-working – will help adults and teenagers alike get much comfier than working on the sofa or at a dining table that’s often way too high. 

It’s super easy to put together – a 1 person job that takes no more than 30 seconds to assemble, ready to start work pretty much straight away.

Choose from small, medium and large – whatever size fits your space and the stuff you need on it to work comfortably.  See Jills comments on which you should choose and why.

  • 100% recyclable 
  • Made in the UK from 85% recycled materials
  • Easy to build and pack away in under 20 seconds 
  • Flat packs to just 10cm thick for easy storage 
  • Pre-cut hole for power leads and cables 
  • Supplied undecorated – ideal for personalising 
  • Rounded corners for comfort 
  • Maximum spread load of 50kg
  • Perfect standard desk height of 73cm

Small – a compact size that’s perfect for anyone struggling for space

  • Dimensions – W59 x D40 x H73 cm
  • Weight – 2.6 Kg

Medium – still compact but a bit more space and depth for you to stretch your legs out and push your screen back

  •  Dimensions – W80 x D60 x H73 c
  • Weight – 3.9 Kg

Large – that little bit more space to spread out, and also the same amount of space under the desk that you’re probably used to – to stretch your legs

  • Dimensions – W90 x D73 x H73 cm
  • Weight – 5.6Kg

Small, Medium, Large

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